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  1. Oh boy, anyone with multiple dogs in the house gets this! We have way too many of these lying around. Someone told me a few weeks ago I should save the girls’ hair (sorry Ringo) — aussie hair can actually be spun and woven! Hmmm, a scarf by Tori… what a thought. She could actually earn her keep.

  2. I can only hope that you were saving those dust bunnies for many weeks in order to have them as big as they are. If not, well…..welcome to my world. I tell PJ that if she sheds anymore we are going to crochet all that hair into another dog!
    the western SC gang

  3. You get A LOT of mileage out of those props! Man, that floor looks a lot like mine right now. But we do have a Dyson — it was cheaper than putting in a centra-vac! LOL

  4. Don’t be sending cute little dust bunnies looking like that into thw outside world. that;s all this country needs; one more mutant species edging out the natives….

    on the other hand…do you have an etsy account??? It’s amazing what some people are selling over there…

  5. Oh my gawd……….

    I know better than come here with a full load of coffee…I know beter.

    Thanks for nothing…I have to go clean up now.

    Clean up on aisle nine!

  6. Those dust bunnies are STILL fast enough to stay ahead of Nigel if he should even have the desire to chase a rabbit.

    If you should ever need more cast members for a dust bunnie episode, call me. I’m sure I can wrangle a few into joining you.

    This post was uniquely funny and highly enjoyed!
    Chester ;0=)

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