Celine Dion is not a dog.

Conventional wisdom, old wives’ tales, the guy down the street – all hold that dogs cannot see television.

All are wrong. A quick trip around the internet returns many tales of dogs stalking televisions, barking; getting ticked about something they see. Sola is no exception, although her ability to identify and verbally assault TV critters was not immediately known to us. Her first few months were more furniture, wall and carpet focused. But have no doubt about it, she’s a fervent viewer.

We first learned of these talents on a quiet, lazy Sunday. Nigel was passed out on the couch with Mrs. Author as I clicked away on my laptop, burning my way through a mountain of e-mail from work. Pausing, I reached for my coffee and changed the TV channel. A simple act, one we have all committed countless times with little regard.

The air literally exploded in a cacophony of noise, Sola wailing with her hackles reaching for the sky, the television locked in a death gaze; her fiery breath warming the room perceptibly. Nigel and Mrs. Author found themselves launched from the couch by this wall of noise and hot breath and fur – landing somewhere near the kitchen, deafened and spattered in drool.

Nigel: I’ll never forget that moment. The headache is with me to this day.

Sola: ROAR

Author: That did make a lasting impression. I tossed my laptop aside, coffee spilling in to the remote as I attempted to ascertain the source of Sola’s distress. She ran at the television, screaming and fussing.

It was a dog. She sees them all (but only dogs – nothing else has ever elicited a response). With the passing of years we have observed and learned, eventually coming to the realization that dog movies, Animal Planet, dog shows – all were now off limits unless the family was properly equipped with ear muffs prior to engagement. Sola despises canines delivered to our home via airwaves, satellite or cable: She does not discriminate.

One must imagine our surprise when a few weeks ago, the family settled in front of the TV bellies full from dinner, selecting an animal free program only to hear –

Sola: ROAR

Nigel: What the bejesus was tha-

Sola: ROAR

Author: Sola was berserk, her eyes bulging from their sockets, throat open wide and going full bore.

Truffles: I came to this party late, the rest of you should have warned me. You have lived with her for years after all.

Author: Sorry Fudgepants, this one came as a complete surprise. Having passed hundreds of evenings with Sola in front of the television I was not prepared for what I witnessed. There in front of the TV – standing upright for a closer good look, howling with total abandon, was Sola in full-on TV dog attack mode. As the rest of us gathered our wits and replaced our underwear I looked up at the screen to see what was to blame for this latest outbreak of Sola rage.

Sola: ROAR

Author: I’m struggling for an explanation this one, so I’ll just say it: Sola was barking at Celine Dion while she sang at the Grammy nomination concert.

Nigel: Come on, she might be a little horsey…then again, I’m partial to the long face thing.

Author: Stop that.

Truffles: Maybe it’s ’cause she’s Canadian.

Author: Hey! That’s a cheap shot Fudgepants.

Truffles: Then how do you explain it?

Author: I really cannot. She seems a lovely person, and has an amazing voice.

Nigel: Those legs aren’t too bad either, they kind of remind me of…me.

Author: All of you knock it off. I know Sola is losing it, but Celine Dion is not a dog!

Sola: ROAR

Author: Sola has never been the same. If I leave the radio on and Celine comes on, she rises again to her back legs, eyes glazed over in a death stare, and stumbles around in a zombie trance.

Sola: ROAR

Nigel: Creeps me right out.

Author: I think we had better stop here. Sola is agitated again, the TV is off; the Grammys are almost a month away, and we have the radio turned way down.

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  1. love it! my other half used to lodge with a lady who had a little dog which chased the blue balls on teh snooker on telly (only the blue balls – he had a blue ball he played with at home) which makes you wonder if they really are colour blind…

  2. Lol! It’s so true…(the TV thing, not the Celine being a dog thing) My newest hound dog WATCHES tv. None of the other 4-legged kids pay any attention but as soon as a canine enters the screen, his focus is up front and center -ears perked, eyes following and tail high-flagged. Luckily I don’t have to avoid channels or radio; he seems to be more inquisitive than loud 😉

  3. to be honest, I saw C.D. live a few years back, and I felt like howling too!

    Very funny tale! Marvin does not even register the television, never has.

    Never been interested in Celine either!!

    Must be those high notes and as we say here when Celine hoves into view, (albeit very originally ;o( ), “Why the long face?” – oooops I will get my coat and go from here in disgrace. Jeannie ;o)))))Marvin’s Mama

  4. I’ve been tagged, now it’s your turn:

    Open a document or file folder,
    Click on the fifth folder and then the fifth photo.
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  5. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am really looking forward to getting to know all of you. I can tell already that you are a fun bunch. 🙂
    I am exactly the same way with dogs on tv, Sola – even cartoon dogs!!
    I hope you weren’t angry at Celine Dion cause she is Canadian… I am Canadian!! (As a side note, I don’t like her either…)
    Love Clover xo

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