What are any of us, but the sum of our parts?

Here are a few of the many facets of Fudgepants:

There is the old frankenfoot. Yep, you read that right.

Take a gander at the job she did snacking on some stitches from a surgery to remove a small growth from her back leg. Since she found it necessary to suck them down like spaghetti noodles, we were fortunate to pay for the stitches twice. Hence the scarring, and my bitterness over not being able to buy Britney Spears concert tickets that week.

Truffles also has a gorilla belly.

Similar in appearance, scale and smell, it’s undeniably gorilla.

Finally, there is the monkey lip.

She hangs that thing out there for all to see if she is excited, engaged in deep thought (about food, no doubt) or if you have asked her about;

a. her gorila belly, or
b. her frankenfoot

This is where the real party starts. In a show of appreciation for these unique characteristics, we have devised a tune that incorporates and pays homage to all three in succession.

Truffles: That’s all I can take people. I flat out lose it and start panting, shaking my tail like Monica Lewinsky at the inaugural ball. I’m not wired to sit still after hearing a song about my parts. Must be the bloodlines.

Sola: Must be the cat litter on your breath.

Author: That is another story unto itself. Until we get to that, we will continue to marvel at the joy that is Truffles.

And sing about it.

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  1. If it was our dog, we’d probably have to put that cone around his neck. He wore that fashion statement after a surgery and he looked so funny and hated it soooooo bad, lol. Does your dog know you call her lips “Monkey lips,” lol. Great choices for this theme.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I loved the Franken-foot. I will be Franken-paw myself soon! Do you think her puppy piles have anything to do with her recent diagnosis? My son was hard to potty train, but I think it was mostly a power struggle. Is she trying to make a point? My 8 year old puked on my couch yesterday. Do you recommend sticking her nose in it? I don’t know why that one can’t ever make it to the toilet!

  3. As always, I am never disappointed. I have seen that “gorilla belly” in person and every word is true! Signed, Truffle’s GreGre

  4. “Similar in appearance, scale and smell, it’s undeniably gorilla.” One of the funniest sentences I’ve seen in awhile. You crack me up.

  5. Hi there!

    TY for visiting me, plan to take your advise re staying indoors till Spring as have freezing fog today – LOL!

    I’ve enjoyed reading about you all.
    You should blog more often.

    Best wishes, pats & pets

  6. Personally we are surprised your lovely dogs are still talking to you! Gorilla belly indeed! Just us well dogs give unconditonal love and we can all see how much you love your dogs!
    Take care
    Martha & Bailey x

  7. I’ve just had a quick look down your posts – I’m sure to be back! You have a no-nonsense dog-blog, which is fun to read.
    Truffles is gorgeous! How is she now? Sending positive thoughts her way.
    Thanks for visiting.

  8. We still would like to rub that gorilla belly. I am glad my mom is not the only one who makes up songs about me. Yours are a bit more clever. Loved it!

    with much stitches,
    a snowshoe paw right back at you! (those stink too)

  9. Ohhh – stitches! My favorite snack! Your photos are really gorgeolicious – mrufff – more is what I’m trying to bark! Thanks for the great blogs! xo Samantha

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