A Sticky Subject

We have been temporarily waylaid.

The weather this weekend was too intoxicating. Sola and I both needed some outside time.We grabbed a ball and ran for the yard, ready to cast off the cobwebs and loosen up rusty parts. We were having a great time – Sola was tearing up the yard, it’s softened state making it ripe for kicking up divots. Snow and mud flew in her wake, and she did not tire easily.

A neighbor stopped to talk. As we caught up on neighborly news Sola continued to play. She became bored with the ball, preferring to drag an eight foot branch from the weeds. She used said branch to smack neighbor and I in the legs as a gentle reminder that she loves fetch, she needs fetch now, and you will give her fetch.


My shins already sore from Nigel’s antics, I burned through patience quickly. After the third whack of wood on bone left the neighbor and I stumbling and cursing I grabbed the branch and broke a perfect foot long piece off of it and launched it.


I did not see it happen, but Sola caught the stick on something. End result? Put down that jelly roll for a second.

Really, put it down.


Nigel: I just threw up in my mouth. Then again, I’m a dog, so…bonus.

Author: Entries this week will be short for obvious reasons. But something tells me there will still be fun for all 😉

Sola requires our attention and I’m scared for her. Nothing funny about that. She’s taking a pile of meds and seems to be happy to leave the vet behind. I’ll be crossing sticks off my throw list for an eternity. I suck.

Keep our girl in your thoughts, she is hurting badly tonight.

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  1. Sola! Girlfriend! We are so sorry we missed your dad’s post about your accident. Mom always gives is rice when we are under the weather. Maybe your mom can fix you some veterinary hospital jello or tapioca pudding.

    We’re hoping to get a good report soon.

  2. Oh definate doggie prayers being sent up! God loves all creatures, great and small.
    My little Sam Jr. (posted today 19 March 09) is having a hard time. I’m concerned too. ♥ ∞

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