Falling Short

Sorry, Nigel...

black bar

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  1. Oh Nigel don’t lets these two-leggers get to you. My mommy always tells me it isn’t about the size but rather how you use what you have. ANd they don’t call me ‘Big Pisser’ for nothing!

  2. Poor Nigel’s been given a complex! Just tell anyone who reckons your wotsit is on the small side that they sure wouldn’t want it as a wart on their nose!

  3. Ah ha….

    I see yer inta modesty at all costs…..nice bandaide on er privates there….my Gram does the same thing ta us….she fergets we smell butts……

    Dewey Dewster here….

  4. I sincerely hope for your sake, Nigel, that the black thing on your, uh-thing, has been put there digitally and is not tape that will need pulled off.

  5. Posts like this made me want to honour you with another award, a truly weird one, over at my place, so if you like to pick it up…

    Holly’s comment left me with some very disturbing pictures in my head.

  6. I like your pink tummy Nigel! I like your dots and spots and blotches and splotches as well Nigel!
    My, ahem, bladder infection is gone by the way! I just thought you should know!

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