Oh Really?

Meet Nigel’s former roommate.

Yes Mr. Ghost, rly. That would be Thumper. We did not choose the name – Thumper came to us as a rescue, answered to the name Thumper, and was about to be put down. We expected that we would rehome the rabbit. We were wrong. Nobody wanted a rabbit, so we shared a home for five years before he crossed the bridge at the age of seven or so. Nigel was there for most of it. The rabbit stayed in the living room. And was a kind, happy soul.

Never once did Nigel show any interest in pursuit. Thumper would lie around like a dog, in close proximity to the food bowls.

Yes really. I guess this explains why Nigel was retired so early. The dog has the motivation of a cinder block.

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  1. Hi, everyone –

    Thanks for stopping by our blog. We are not sure which movie about Mystic you saw but there are two that come to mind. Mystic Pizza – the movie that helped launch Julia Roberts’ career and there was a movie about the Amistad that Steven Spielberg produced. Mystic Seaport has always been a favorite place for Mama and Papa.

    Love –

    Hershey and Kaci

    P.S. Congratulation on getting the lovely award.

  2. What a nice little bunny. Ya know, I don’t think those racetrack bunnies are real anyway. I am glad you got to enjoy his company.


  3. If you ever want to sing a song on my blog for Name That Tune Monday, I might suggest barking “Jingle Bells” but I don’t know the name of the original “barker.” Could be fun! Or you could do your favorite Celine Dion impersonation.

  4. i had cute buns before i immigrated. can’t bring buns over. and cute buns are illegal in queensland. really really. guess buns here know state borders.

    thumper was a looker.

    buns. they’re wonderful.

  5. So you’ve moved to the big time blogger’s world. Don’t forget us little people and one of the original 35 first followers! You’re still a great read!

  6. I think it just pwoves what a sweetie Nigel is that Thumpew was able to be so welaxed awound him.
    I hope to meet him someday
    smoochie kisses

  7. Silly 2 leggers! Don’t they realize your bunny interests are more of the Hugh Hefner type???

    Thumper was a sweetie and may have been part Labrador given the way he/she exposed all for the world to see.

    Thanks for the Wednesday warning, although one should never approach this blog without first donning a crash helmet. ;0=)

  8. How cute! When I was a kid my friend had a rabbit and a cat and I thought that was a little crazy. All the cats I’ve ever had have been amazing hunters but this cat never bothered the rabbit at all so Nigel is not alone in his indifference!

  9. Cinder Blocks of the World Unite! I won’t run from a burning building, Nigel, so don’t let your Two Legger bust on you too badly. If they want to run around like Looney Tunes, juz say, “Effin crazoids,” and watch as they do.

    That bunny on its back????? That’s the best picture ever! Thanks for giving me a moment…ahhh….

  10. love bunnies ! Had two as pets before getting a grey though.
    Had mine trained and loved playing chase as they kept waiting for me to try and catch them then would go hippity hop as soon as I got close.
    Nigel, you are just too cool for words !
    Kepp the stories coming, the good the bad and the ugly….Oops, I meant the sweet, the twisted and the plain nasty LOL

  11. What a sweet Rabbit story. . .Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who actually had a pet rabbit (at least not an “inside” pet rabbit), and certainly not one who shared a house with a greyhound and answered to his own name(Oh really??)!

    Thanks for sharing this little snippet about Thumper. . .it was yet another uplifting story to brighten one’s day. Careful . . .you might spoil your reputation, if you keep posting entries like this!

    And congrats on the “One Lovely Blog” Award! Despite your penchant for the occasionally perverse, I do keep coming back to read your Blog, and I agree that it has its “lovely” days! 🙂

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