The Birthday Girl

Sola turns six today, much to my consternation. I want her to be two forever – instead, I see signs of myself in the white hairs that displace a little more yellow each year, the relaxed approach she takes to many things that used to incite her to insanity. She sleeps in a little later, jumps a little less high than she used to. She’s all grown up.

Many blog readers would guess that Nigel runs the show here, but it’s Sola who lays down the law, frets over the household and makes sure everyone comes in from walks. She’s a worrier, another quality we share. Interestingly, she is also the most likely to incite fun. Her enthusiasm for life is unmatched, and she beams with joy at the simplest pleasures. She’s infectious that way, and we are all better for having her in our lives.

Don’t panic – this is pre Mr. Stick era media.

Tonight, we’ll celebrate properly with peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, toys and an inordinate amount of fussing. I’ll reread her coming home story and thank my stars that she found us. I never knew how much I needed her. I’m thankful she took the time to show me. As a little extra something special, I’ve invested quite a bit of time in a special Christmas presentation that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Happy birthday sweet Sola. We adore you.

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  1. I hope it was indeed a happy birthday. I feel the same about Penny, who is five I want her to be three forever, grown up enough to be sensible, but never aging. But I guess it doesn’t work like that.

    I clicked through to the terrible saga of the stick. Oh, how that scared me! I don’t throw sticks, because I’ve seen a human with a stick through his face, into his nasal cavity and it was the most horrible accident I’ve seen. He recovered, but I hate the idea of sticks near faces, human or canine.

  2. Happy Birthday Sola
    I can see that you have blessed and touched a lot of lives. You are loved so very much, and all the stars in the sky celebrate you.
    I hope you enjoyed your peanut butter party!
    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, beautiful one,

  3. Sola, A big Happy Birthday woof to a beautiful doggy! Enjoy your peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, they sound mighty yummy!

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas filled with lots of fun, happiness, and good food and treats!



  4. What a lucky girl to have a birthday on Christmas Eve. What a lucky girl to have a Daddy who loves you so much. What a lucky girl to be living in a pack that worships your every move. If only we could be there to give you a big birthday kiss–right on your snout!!! God bless you baby girl.
    the western SC gang

  5. Happy Birthday to Sweet Sola – Mom agrees about hating to see them get older. And she just finished her cinnamon graham crackers lathered with peanut butter and fluff in her honor.

    Wishes to you and the family for a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  6. Happy Sweet “6” Birthday Sola! Your two-legger sure knows how to bring tears to my eyes. My four fur kids send their love, licks, and peanut butter envy. Enjoy — there will be a lot of people honoring your presence on the earth!!! Haven’t you noticed all of the lights?!

  7. Happy Birthday sweet Sola…you sound so much like my Sassy, who is lying at my feet as I type!
    She certainly rules the roost here and keeps the boys in line! She is so connected to her humans, it’s scary! I swear she knows my thoughts! (even scarier!)
    Hugs and belly rubs on your very special day and Merry Christmas to all,

    ps…Mr. Author, your blog makes my day, everyday!!! Thank you!

  8. Mr. Author, sir….sounds like Sola an’ my mom have a lot in common! Couple o’ worry warts I tell ya what…..

    Anyhoo, wishin’ you an’ yers a Merry Christmas!

  9. OM Dawgs, Sola shares my b-day. seriously. I celebrate it pretty much the same way she does. fluff sandwiches are a good idea…

    i knew there was a secret reason to like her.
    and for the record… No WAY no how does a boy dog EVER run the show at the house. I knew it was Sola and I didn’t even have to ask. She’s a girl. She’s eldest female too. She’s also really smart/wise. and good leaders typically don’t need and rarely ever steel the show.

    Nige, sorry buddy ole pal, but that y chromo makes you inferior to the chicks in the doggie world. 😉
    Happy Barkday Sola. May there be endless PB-Fluff sandwiches in your futre, no sticks, lots of walks and plenty of scratches!

  10. Happy bark-day sweet Sola! I second your emotions on what our dogs bring into our lives… all three of ours bring something different into the pack dynamics, yet all three bring hours of smiles and laughs every single day. We love them all to pieces and share your consternation that they are growing up… all three of ours are in the 6 year old range. Ouch.

  11. Happy Birthday Sola! Glad to read that you actually rule over there and not Nigel heheh! Looking forward to the special production and love this post BTW. Even at 3 1/2, Sammie is a bit “older” for some reason – no slowing down, but a bit mellower from even six months ago… Sola – give momma a hug from us – we hope she asked Santa to make her foot better for xmas. And what do you want for your barkday??? Can’t imagine anything better than that wild and crazy household you’ve already got, dear pup – that’s a big old gift right there! Big Hugs and Love xo

  12. Happy Birthday, Sola! Blondes have more fun, so live it up! I knew you were special, but having a birthday when everybody exchanges presents in your honor must mean you’re more famous than I thought!


  13. Happy Birthday Sola and your gotcha day was very entertaining. I can see how loved you are and how your 2&3legger are thanking their lucky stars that you came into their lives….bol

    We wish you and the gang a wonderful,happy and merry Christmas and a blessed 2010


  14. Happy Birthday beautiful Sola! I will have to go back and reread your gotcha story. Your lucky stars were shinin’ on you the day that these two particular 2 leggers found you and took you home.

    I think you can stop frettin’ and worryin’, you got a great pack and will for what we all hope is a very, very long time.

    Enjoy those fluffer nutters!
    Chester ;0=)

  15. Happy Barkday, Sola! It’s so good that you’ve got such a wonderfully loving home that cares so much about you! You are a lucky girl!

    Corgi Country wishes you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Blessed New Year, too!

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