The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas: a Holiday Musical

Does Christmas get any more merry than this?!?
My apologies if I have been out of touch lately, but this project has been all-consuming this week. I hope you have a wondrous holiday, and that you enjoy this – the first of many musical performances to come. If you do enjoy it, please share wherever you deem appropriate – there is a share button in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen and one for Facebook at the top of this post – either are a snap to use. I can also provide downloadable versions in Powerpoint – simply e-mail me at and you can save them to your PC.

When the music stops playing my vacation begins. We’ll be back some time late in the next week – unless I am seriously inspired and have to run back to the computer to post.  😉   It’s been a remarkable year, so let’s celebrate it in song!


*The twelve items:

Twelve whippet ladies,
Eleven morons marching,
Ten pairs of cutoffs,
Nine stripper poles,
Eight jets a-flying,
Seven cats a-swimming,
Six yummy Snuggies,
Five Blackberries,
Four big balloons,
Three bird suits,
Two black bars
And a Bugweiser can cozy


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  1. I thought I’d kill the time it takes to load the video with writing you a lovely comment. And here it is:


    (Hahaha, if I say so myself. But still the video isn’t ‘fully loaded’, so I have even more time to kill. How very exciting, a musical video. And how very clever of you that you were able to conjure up such a thing. I’m still struggling with Photoshop. But I only own a version of that since last week. So there is hope. I hope!
    I’m off to watch your video. So excited….! Bye and have a wonderful holiday. ‘See’ you next year.)

  2. This is so much better than the Straight No Chaser version of 12-Days on YouTube! The flavor of Louis Armstrong, with that doggie aroma is impossible to resist! I am blushing from the black bars with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!

    A very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you Nigel! And thank you for including me in the fun!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I check yours out once in awhile but don’t comment.

    Hope Christmas brought you and the dogs everything you were hoping for!

  4. Oh my Nigel put soooo much of himself into this and we just loved it! Thanks for all the hard work, and for the 2009 recap. What a great Christmas video!!! 🙂


  6. Is it possible for one human and 4 dogs and 3 cats to smile for 3+ minutes straight? Must be because we just all did it. What a greyt song and movie–big fun. Thanks so much for all your work to give us all so much pleasure.
    the western SC gang

  7. Hmm, I should have looked and read further! I Googled for the movie THE 12 DOGS OF CHRISTMAS! Well this was a good song also I found here! Hmm, another item to warm and bring holiday cheer!


  8. I was born in North Conway New Hampshire and when I first saw the ‘THE 12 DOGS OF CHRISTMAS’ I immediately recognized the Conway Scenic Railroad (in North Conway) and the buildings from Bethel Maine.

    All that said, please to all, you will LOVE this endearing film. It would warm any ‘Scrooge’ heart!

    Thank you for your precious fur babies and to all who helped make this a movie for all ages! Even a Grammie like me!

  9. You should really start charging admission to visit your blog…(better than any comedy club)
    Thanks for one of the best gifts I received this Christmas, the gift of laughter-Priceless!
    Merry Christmas to you, Mrs. Author, and all the fur-babies!

  10. TOTALLY TWISTED BRILLIANCE!!! I LOVE IT!!! Apparently Chester does too as he was howling right along. Excellent recap of the year’s highlights.

    Merry Christmas!
    Chester’s Mom ;0=)

  11. What a wonderful Christmas gift! I’ve smiled and smiled with all the memories! You stay true, too Nigel, and enjoy the break!
    Hoping you have a Very Merry Christmas along with the rest of the pack and of course those keyboard banging 2-leggers!

  12. Yeah… sounds like ol’ Louis awright. The cut-offs hang ya up, Nigel? OMDness. Gotta tell you – Dad never checks out my blog pals’ chef d’ouevres, although he knows all about you. Tonight, he watched your movie and is still on the floor in some sort of fetal position shaking and rolling around. I’m sort of worried about him, but he says he’ll be okay. He’s laughing pretty hard. And Mom’s just typing like she’s having a sort of fit or something. I’m totally composed and send you kudos on your movie debut. I’d send you a telegram, but they don’t have those anymore. So… I’ll just send you virtual kissies and wish you a Merry Christmas with a gigantic nod to your creative genius. Take those days off – enjoy some peace… some rest. And you stay true too Nigel, along with the rest of yer pack.
    Hugs and Love xo

  13. Mr. Author, You and Nigel have out done yourself!!! Please tell Mrs. Author she is always welcome here if she can’t take it anymore!

    OH!! I had been waiting to hear back on that red snuggie…but after seeing Nigel in it, I would only want it if he was wearing his black bars underneath.

    Thanks for making the holidays (and, indeed, the whole year) a lot more merrier!

    Linking up!

  14. Now my Christmas is complete! Very well done! Just give me the five Blackberries, please!

    A note from Bunny:
    That’s a lot of peeks at Nigel’s black bar! I thought it would be bigger…

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