The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas: a Holiday Musical

Does Christmas get any more merry than this?!?
My apologies if I have been out of touch lately, but this project has been all-consuming this week. I hope you have a wondrous holiday, and that you enjoy this – the first of many musical performances to come. If you do enjoy it, please share wherever you deem appropriate – there is a share button in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen and one for Facebook at the top of this post – either are a snap to use. I can also provide downloadable versions in Powerpoint – simply e-mail me at and you can save them to your PC.

When the music stops playing my vacation begins. We’ll be back some time late in the next week – unless I am seriously inspired and have to run back to the computer to post.  😉   It’s been a remarkable year, so let’s celebrate it in song!


*The twelve items:

Twelve whippet ladies,
Eleven morons marching,
Ten pairs of cutoffs,
Nine stripper poles,
Eight jets a-flying,
Seven cats a-swimming,
Six yummy Snuggies,
Five Blackberries,
Four big balloons,
Three bird suits,
Two black bars
And a Bugweiser can cozy


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  1. Hints of Sachmo in the voice there, especially with “Five Blackberries” This is a 2 thumbs up with recommendations to the Jazz Hall of Fame and the Academy for Best Performance by a Greyhound in a Musical.

  2. I know what projects are like. I have been working on two sites for local non-profits and at the same time trying to redesign and update two of my own. Tons of time away from my main site which I don’t like, but something has to give.

    Your project looks like fun. Where did you guys hire the Rottweiler to sing the song? 😉

    Happy New Year!

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