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The animal kingdom, twisted...

“You know,” he quipped, “Mr. Jingles is so tiger-like at times.” The very nice man from the dog park pointed away to my left. I turned, scanning the horizon in search of a massive, rippling beast. None were to be found. I did locate Mr. Jingles, however. He was in a distant corner of the dog park, all six pounds of this ferocious Maltese. He was getting his ass kicked by a cricket….

I don’t know why we all feel the need, but the majority of us are guilty. I’m no exception. Every dog we have shared a home with has reminded me of some wild creature. Once that light bulb goes off, the notion sticks with you, and your dog is forever branded a _________. Perhaps it’s the suggestion of identifying with a truly wild animal that excites and encourages so many of us to pick an untamed alter ego for our four legged friends. Whatever it is, I may as well quit pontificating and share our chosen wild kingdom matches for our dogs, starting today with Nigel. May they forgive me.


wild dogs 1

The obvious comparisons are ones that match physical characteristics, and in that regard, Nigel is not too far off from a Gazelle. Or a deer. He’s notably fleet of foot and nimble. Ask any Greyhound owner (especially those with fawn dogs) about the deer comparison. We’ve heard that one many times. Oddly enough, Nigel also matches the Gazelle in spirit – he’s quick to flee at the first hint of danger.

Of course, he’s also been referred to as a stink bug from time to time.

wild dogs 1.1


wild dogs 2

The mighty huntress. Fearless, fierce and strong. Aside from a near color match I know my seventy pound Labrador does not truly resemble a mighty Lioness. But she has that king of the jungle moxie, and she would lay down her life to protect her family. Soon I will capture her roar on video and extinguish any doubt. She’s the family beast.


wild dogs 3

Now that I see it for myself, it’s not much of a stretch!  She loves to emit low, rumbling growls. She snores loudly to announce her hibernation practice sessions. She’s large, and huggable. And one day a few years ago, she almost met the real thing. Seeing her transformed, I’m fairly confident she’s ready to take on Mr. Jingles. And I’ll never look at her the same way again.

Am I crazy? Does your dog have a wild twin? If so, what is it?  I hope you and your beasts are well this Friday.

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  1. I call my big guy Blue a stink bug. That is too funny. He thinks his name is stink. Sadly for him, neither end smells particularly pretty.

    Girly Girl can be a fawn or a tiger (tiger, tiger burning bright…)depending on which personality is exhibiting itself.


  2. Wow, We must have totally unimaginative hoomans cuz neither can think of a wild animal we resemble! Well, Daddy did say Hootie looks like Godzilla when he’s going Ninja, but is he a wild animal, really??
    BabyRD and Hootie

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