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Fresh Frozen

fresh frozen 1

fresh frozen 2

fresh frozen 3

fresh frozen 4

cracker cat

fresh frozen final

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  1. BOL!!! My stomach hurts from laughing so hard!!! One of these days…My goal….is to be the FIRST one to comment on your blog!! I am worn out scrolling through them all!!! BOL!!

    Licks from me!!


  2. Wow Nigel, your no April Fool, way to take a questionable product and make it work for you. The drool and the spork are classic. We will have to try frozen cat this summer.

    Remy and Flash

  3. OK, my boss has now poked her head in my office to figure out why I’m laughing so hard and have coffee all over my desk. I no longer look like a respectable banker. In case I’ve never told you, every time I see the word kitteh it makes me think of Nigel…

  4. I think Nigel is the Most Talented Doggie That Ever Was to be able to poop out a turd in the shape of a CAT! Whoa! (You need a “don’t try this at home” disclaimer cuz you know we’re gonna.)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. I had to clean off the computer screen AGAIN !!!!

    Note to self = remember to drink coffee before reading Nigels blog of the day.. I should know better by now…lol

  6. Ok it is official…your resident kitty needs back up tell that sweet thing I’m on my way to VT to help her get you pups to toe the line and be warned I’m a force to reckon with….Stop lol Mom!!!!
    Madi!!! 🙂 Ok I’ll admit it was funny!!

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