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Canine Cartoons

The Doghouse in the Sky






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  1. I would not like the vacuum factory one bit. I’m also not sold on a pet food factory as my idea of heaven, either. Now a nice cheese shop – that would be pretty good.

    wags, Lola

  2. Oh, Mr. Buggers I am so sad that your life has caused you to think Pedigree food for dogs is what they would get if they had been good in this life. Yuk, we say to that.

    We are planning to have a sweet little Granny home cooking for us to reward our good behavior and we certainly hope you get the same kind of treatment! When we cross the bridge, we don’t want less than we have now, do we?

    That is, if you have been good!



  3. Don’t know how you keep coming up with this stuff, but keep churning it out! Need the chuckles these days! BTW, we think it’s high time kitty gets in touch with Trouble over at Dennis the Vizla’s – now that could stir up some…
    Hugs xoxoxoxo

  4. Ruh-Roh! That last photo is a hoot! But I seem to remember that Nigel loves being groomed with the Hoover…so ending up at the vacuum factory might not be such a bad deal for him!

  5. Hmmm Horseradish on Cracker Cat, I am liking the way you think Fudge Pants! I am not sure that horseradish is going to make the feral cats in my neighborhood taste any better, but it is always work a try. Those feral cats are a little tough, maybe I should try to marinate them first?

    I am still a little confused as to what all the hoopla is regarding this so called vacuum thingy. But after looking at the three of you respond I am glad that we don’t have one!

  6. Love the last photo. Thanks for visiting my blog too, Spacial Peepol. Where the ‘Face of the Week’ meme is sucking pretty badly due to lack of face time.

    You know that would be Renner’s biggest nighmare, poor guy. OTOH Scooter would care less.

  7. well I barked a comment but it has not appeared.

    I will try again!

    I would not be worried about going to the Hoover factory, I lurve being chased around by that bad boy, it is the Mop and Bucket which has been so prevalent around here just lately, I am not so keen on.

    Loved the last pic! Well we loved them all to be honest.

    Thank you for my birthday wishes!

    lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxx

  8. oh the Hoover factory would be fine by me! I lurve being chased around by that bad boy! It is the Mop and Bucket which has been prevalent here for the past few days, I am not so darn keen on!

    Love the last photo btw. Well loved all of them!

    lotsaluv frm Marvin xxxxxxx

  9. We sure hope you won’t be taking any dirt naps anytime soon! The vacuum factory, huh? Vacuums make us crazy! We bark and try to bite it. Our mom is NOT amused! She vacuums with one hand and has a squirt bottle of water in the other.

    Penny & Patches

  10. For Mickey I think the “bad” place would be the groomer (hates HATES getting his nails clipped) & for Kayloo the hair dryer factory or that horrible place where baths happen.

    You’d think we were chopping her paw off for all the drama!

  11. Oh you guys are so funny and cute! Horseradish on the cat! Serving Weck Rolls with that? Watch out, Hoover may suck all your hair off and you would be naked!!!

  12. Ya know…..sometimes mom calls me “Hoover” cause I suck up my food in seconds flat. Wonder if I’ll wind up at that factory??

    PEE S: Horseradish on the cat?! BOL!

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