Where in the world is…Nigel Buggers?!?

Nigel has a good heart and the best intentions, no matter what you may read here. Sure, I make him out to be the bad guy: but it’s just a smokescreen. In fact, he’s even been known to go off and commit good deeds if I don’t keep a close eye on him When he has the energy, of course. He may have ventured off the sofa three or four times today for a snack or a walk. It will take him the rest of the day to recover. Think I’m exaggerating? Go ahead, ask any Greyhound owner.

Yet he’s on the move. He’s everywhere. Each time I fire up the laptop these days, I’m greeted by a post or message with a picture attached. Someone should film me as I encounter these, because I’m usually left laughing until my face hurts. What’s so funny? It might be easier to show you than to explain. We’ll get to that in a moment. For a better understanding of how it all began start here to see the original. Subsequent (limited, there are only 24 11 5 left) prints have been popping up all over the place, to the dismay of cats the world over. Donations to A Place to Bark (from print sale proceeds) have now exceeded a thousand dollars. Kathleen Coy and FOBS did a great job with the project, and their continued efforts have been far too entertaining to keep to myself. So I won’t.

Let’s see what happens when his best friends (and the best fans on the planet) take him out and about. He may very well find himself…

Surrounded by cats.  🙁

Making great new friends.

(He’s around the corner.)

Working the local meet and greet!
Beach combing.

Pushing his luck.

Knocking boots?

Cheering up a friend in the hospital.

Stopping to smell the flowers.

Just chilling.


Almost famous!
Minding the store.

North of the border.


Gambling away his retirement fund.

Breaking the rules.

Of course, antics like these can wear on a hound, so after a long journey, he likes to pop into the vet and have a little work done!

Could there possibly be more? By all means, but that will have to wait for next week, when we’ll follow Nigel to Jamaica, and watch him try to push his luck again on a trip to Vegas. Rumor has it there may even be a celebrity appearance. Any guesses?

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  1. hey Nigel Buggers,

    You sure are having some grand adventures! Even with those kitty cats! Impressive! I see you want some pretty snazzy vehicles so be careful that you don’t become a gambling addict!


  2. my goodness that nigel knows how to get around–what a dog~!!

    thank you for taking a little time out of your busy schedule to stop by my blog–hope to see more of you soon~!!


  3. Due to probs, we’ve been AWOL for a bit, but are back in biz today and have missed you! So glad to see this hysterical post – just love Nigel’s fans’ inventiveness! Hope you are having a peaceful weekend and a Happy Easter!
    Big Hugs and xoxoxoxoxo,

  4. Recently we hosted Flat Stanley, and just yesterday a different Flat friend came to visit. We may have to open the house to Flat Nigel as well. I enjoy seeing all your travels!

  5. Oh he’s everywhere, isn’t he?!! We love the ‘indisposed’ one!! LOL..
    Hey, how come he’s not in Singapore? He’s got a lot of loyal fans here!!

    Huskee n Hershey aka fans of Nigel

  6. hello life with dogs its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk at nigel i didnt no he wuz reely a sweetie and he shoor gits arownd!!! this is as oppozd to trouble the kitty hoo is just as eevil as i mayk her owt to be and hoo never goes ennyware ha ha ok bye

  7. I am speechless. Truly a wonderful story. Two of my best friends are Italian Greyhounds, Oliver and Targa, and I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for Greyhounds too. You are a very, very special dog Nigel.
    your cat pal,

  8. Go, Nigel. I guess that’s kind of extraneous. You’re going all the time. And sleeping on the couch at the same time, maybe? You’ve really got it figure out, Nigel.

    wags, Lola

  9. You had me looking … (around the corner) April Fools’ was yesterday and I’m not fool ever. BOL Loved the indisposed one too.
    Wait, I almost forgot: No comment 😉

  10. Love, love, LOVE Flat Nigels adventures!! This whole project has been all sorts of fun from start to finish.

    As of right now, only 19 Flat Nigels left. I can’t wait to see where he’ll turn up next!

    Thanks to all for supporting art and dog rescue!


  11. Who knew that Nigel was a philanthrapaw-ist? Very Most Impressive! I luved looking at thos pictures. They made me feel all sorts of happy!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  12. What fun… And I can’t believe I’m gonna admit this, but it kinda brought the tears to my eyes.

    It real awesome when someone touch a lot of lives in such a special way. And Nigel, ::gulp:: you have!

    wif love from the Luke

  13. Much better than that silly gnome.
    Hey have you gone to all of the GABE blogs to sign up for all the pressie giveaways??? You won’t believe all the stuff!!! I want to win EVERYTHING!!!

  14. Nigel, come to Italy. We will seduce you with all the excellent wine, food and of course, the hot looking Italian girls. Do you like Monica Belluci???


  15. We’ve enjoyed a lot of Nigel’s travels and we know he’ll go far! Heck, just thinking about getting off the couch three or four times a day wears our greyhounds out. We definitely agree with that statement. Nigel is a one of a kind, larger than life fellow, and I suspect doors anda all kinds of other things will always open for him!

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