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Wordless Wednesday 66

wordless wednesday 66

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  1. you always have such beautiful flowers in your photos!!!! i'm so jealous!! your collar's massive by the way.. haahahahah

  2. aw nigel its spring you lucky bugga, we are heading for the cold stuff brrrr
    loves and licks

  3. I am just noticing Crackers to the right Nigel 's paw to the left of me … Poor Crackers… BTW – Great Photo Nigel!!

  4. Dude! Talk about a cock blocker!!! All the women around me are swooning! Guess its a cold shower for Buddy tonight.

  5. sigh… big sigh. hey why do Greyhounds wear big collars? is it because they have long beautiful necks to show off a pretty design? i'm only curious. or is it more comfortable for them than a thinner collar?

  6. Such handsomeness!!!!! A pic to blow up, really, I mean it, for a wall pic, not blow up by explosives, hehe.

  7. Nigel, I can see the wheels moving….you are plotting someithing and up to no good. Nic pic, but you're not fooling anyone!

  8. We hope you are not as lonely as a cloud Nigel, you look so peaceful among the daffodils 🙂
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

  9. Yellow daffodils are much more complimentary than lavender stripes, oh Handsome One.

    Just saying…..
    Chester's Mom ;0-)

  10. hey gorgeous, we've missed you!

    you really know how to take time out to relax and smell the daffodils.


  11. Really a very nice portrait. And a nice stand of daffodils too. You are a few weeks behind us here in Southern Oregon. Ours are gone by and the Iris are now opening.

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