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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday 72

wordless wednesday 72

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  1. Wowza! Looks like you’ve discovered a prehistoric vet’s office and that’s all the fossilized “ahem” boy parts from the dino’s he fixed! A field of fossilized dreams – I used to have those too. Sigh. Maybe in a bazillion years someone will find mine in some tar pit or something.

    Bussie Kissies

    My nether parts a twitching looking at that pic.

  2. Those look like the same balls they use in the World’s Strongest Man competition. Next thing you know, Nigel will be pulling 18-wheelers and flipping tractor tires. He’ll be known as Nigel Nigelson.

  3. Oh my. I would NOT want Tori Mae to see those huge cement balls. In her frenetic mind, she would demand someone to throw them for her to fetch.

    Glad Nigel knows better, and made the logical decision just to have a stunning photo taken. 🙂

  4. We’s a little tech slows… whys we’s showing ups Anonymous’s?? Hey, ‘dat rhymes wit hippoptamus’s!! Contrary to wat we’s been hearing lately ’bouts our weights!! We’s Puggies not Piggies or Hippo’s!! Hu Hu’s!!

    O.K. We try agains not to be secret admirers

  5. Hey ‘deres!!

    Those are pretty cool tennis balls!! Hu Hu’s!!

    Mommy re added us to yousa follow list ‘cuz we had troubles linking to yous!!
    Since yous moved!! Butt we’s heres!! Nice place yous gots!! SNORTS!

    Izzy, Josie & Anakin Man

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