Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday 92

Wordless Wednesday 92


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  1. Nigel Buggers, there is a mighty big bird eyeballing the tip of your tail. Slowly and calmly wag your tail to the other side, and then run! Save your tail!


  2. Oh Buggers – have ta… gobble gobble. Yes, we’ve been terribly MIA – a family break for Ma and bizzyness – but we love this photo of you – you actually look confounded in it! Go get them gobblers!
    Sammie and Avalon

  3. Oh Nigel! I can’t believe they went there! I would never, ever imply that you were the biggest turkey of all, but it looks like your two legger would!

    I thought you were fattening up Boo for Turkey Day. Did you change your mind?

  4. Sensational photograph. May I repost it on my greyhound blog (www.greyhoundzoom.com)? If so, to whom do I attribute it? And, if you care to give it to us, what is the story behind the picture?

    Best wishes,

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