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  1. This is exactly why you’re supposed to put the tree right by the window, in front of it actually, and tie the dern tree to the window frame! I have cup hooks along the edges of the window where they aren’t noticed the rest of the year, but at Christmas the string goes around the tree trunk and hooks right over the cuphooks on the window frame. I also hide a very tinkly bell in the center of the tree as my “cat alarm.” She can’t get up in that tree without me knowing about it!
    But of course this has been a tradition in my house long before the GH’s showed up. THEY, of course, would NEVER…….

  2. I just love the way that when we dog owners see a scene like this our first instinct is to reach for the camera 🙂 I cant imagine how the tree came to be on the floor like that LOL!

  3. Tis the season. Years ago we adopted a greyhound to a family at Christmas time. The greyhound had been staying with us, we have many fir trees on the property.

    The greyhound walked into the home, took one look at the tree and thought woo hoo, walked right over and pee’d on the tree. We still laugh about that.

    Fortunately, the family cleaned it up and still adopted the dog. He really was a good dog.

  4. Did you doggehs get that tree from somewhere in the middle of that 6-acre weed plot? Hasn’t Sola returned yet? Save some of those cheetos fur me, Mon…

  5. Oh, too many silly thoughts come to mind! But I’ll side with the dogs and bet there’s a cat to blame for it. Hopefully Sola’s not buried under the tree.

  6. It is the two-leggers fault! They should have sent Truffles a memo letter her know that the tree is not a dog toy. Really people! Everyone knows that whatever is on the floor is fair game for the dogs.

  7. *snicker* I still remember the first year we had Treat and Hawk with their first Christmas tree. Hawk got a new snowman toy, we had to rush out of the house, we came home to find that the toy had gotten too near the tree and when he’d retrieved it, he snagged the lights and pulled the tree down. It was like a crime scene! Then, the next year, the tree just fell over while we were sitting in the living room, right on Hawk. Every year, the entire month of December, he gave the tree the stink eye!

  8. Nigel looks like he is gloating there. Mom had that happen once when she was younger and had a cracker dog WFT, took the whole tree, lights and decorations and all right down to the ground.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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