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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday 193

wordless wednesday 193

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  1. We need to see the video! I wish Ivy had a yard that she could run in, right now she drags me while she runs on the leash LOL!

  2. Nigel,
    Looking good budy! Let me know when ya snag the car keys. I’ll need you to pick me up so we can go out and party a little. We seem to like the same things!! My mom’s in bed so early – we could sneak out and be home before she even gets up for her early morning pee. Know where there’s a sorority house full ‘a whippets in Santa Clara who LOVE a late night visit if we bring cigs and beer. Call me dude!

  3. I LOVE this pic! I know how long you’ve waited and it makes me very happy to see your enlarged play space come to fruition. Not only that, it looks fantastic!!!
    I am anxiously awaiting the sordid details from you also. 😉

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