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Wordless Wednesday 299

How do you say goodbye to the greatest dog you’ve known? You don’t. You say farewell…until we meet again. Godspeed Nigel. You broke all the rules, and today I do the same in your honor. Wordless be damned, know that you were loved.

wordless 28 - farewell to nigel

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  1. Nigel was such a remarkable hound in so many ways. We are so certain that you and Mrs. Author were kind enough to share him with us. He certainly brightened many days for all of his followers and fans. Godspeed, Nigel.

  2. So much sorrow, so many broken hearts today as our precious Nigel runs free among the stars. Thank you, sweet boy, for being the four legged vehicle for a two legged jokester with a wit sharper than a cat’s claws, a wild imagination, and photoshop. It was remarkably easy to suspend belief as long as we didn’t look too deeply into your eyes, Nigel, for they were the window into your ever tender soul. So much so that that we all knew, despite the wickedest of deeds your two legger could conjure up, that you’d never kill the cat, and that your true heart belonged only to Tree and Neil, never to all those whippet ladies who flirted with you relentlessly in person, as well as in cyberspace. Your fans knew you weren’t particularly modest and that you surely hated seeing that black bar covering up your neatly snipped manhood in endless photos of you doing something deliciously provocative. We’ll all miss you terribly, darling Bugman, but perhaps you’ll send an occasional note from the bridge, or whatever star studded galaxy your powerful wings have flown your forever soul to. I’ll never forget you, Nigel. With tears of sadness mingling with tears of joy in my heart, I bid you farewell from the aging, tired body no longer able to contain your magical spirit. Love and kisses, Buggers. (and forgive me for typos and grammatical errors… I’m just too weepy to edit.)

  3. They broke the mold when you entered this world, Nigel….You broke my heart when you left it! I will never forget you, my friend…….,

  4. The hole in our hearts will never be filled. I feel like I’ve lost one of my own – but then again, I think Nigel was all of ours… Godspeed good boy, and Neil and Mrs. I hope our love for Nigel helps to lessen some of your pain.

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