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The Tree of Remembrance: A Magical, Mysterious Pet Memorial

Dog psychologist Nikki Brown was on a walk recently when she happened upon a moving, mysterious memorial for pets who had passed away. Brown was walking her dog Annie in a forest near the River Severn in Shropshire when she discovered a tree decorated with pictures of dogs, with loving notes from the former owners who were missing them.

In her own words:

“I found a little bit of magic on my forest walk today and it touched my heart deeply. It’s not something you see everyday on your dog walk, but it sure did make me stop and take a look and remember how much love these little souls can bring upon our lives.”

dog memorial tree 1

“I found this tree in the middle of the woods decorated in Christmas decorations, and then when I took a closer look, I saw it was a memorial tree for dog lovers who had lost their best friends.”

dog tree of remembrance

“Each card had a picture of the dog and a lovely memorial message from its owner.”

dog tree of remembrance 3

dog tree of remembrance 4

“This is one Christmas tree which is full of LOVE.”

dog tree of remembrance 5

“Best Christmas Tree I’ve ever seen! What a lovely thing to do!”

Lovely indeed. Were this intended for a human audience or public appreciation, it would still be a wonderful memorial. But considering its location, this heartfelt collective gesture was for the dogs, who, given their lofty view of all that is, no doubt appreciate it. Nonetheless, its origin remains a mystery.


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